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How our friends have assembled some of their systems

Information current as of 19 January 2014

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The beautiful system shown here was built in Spain by baichongwoo and is now located in France.

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This system was built on blank SSQ-2F and PA1 circuit boards with the help of the information contained in the instruction manuals. Locally available components were used, and the LC31 coupler was hand-made.

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A low-power SSQ-2F system built into a sheet metal box.

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This system was built to withstand rough handling and is built to professional standards. Designed for high power use, the system includes both an SSQ-2B and a PA1 amplifier board.

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Although the smaller SSQ-PT plasma tube is used in this system, the addition of a PA1 amplifier makes the system capable of handling a larger tube if required. The system is capable of operating in both the plasma and contact modes at the same time. A combination of power supplies is used for experimentation. The audio signal source is FreX software running on a PC laptop computer.

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This system was built by the researcher using the information contained in the instruction manuals. Locally available components were used, and the LC31 coupler was hand-made as well. The circuit boards were made by the researcher, and the standard SSQ-2f and PA1 design was modified to suit the needs of the researcher.

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This is Drake Bondi's professionally built DBx2-SSQ system. Several variants are shown here. Drake builds his system under license from Spectrotek Services. He has slightly redesigned the hardware for more reliable operation in a packaged "turn-key" type of system designed for use by non-technical operators..

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This system is built into a desktop computer case. A switch for selecting the desired power supply voltage to the PA1 amplifier is provided. This neatly packaged system makes for a compact and portableunit.

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The SSQ-2F was built from a kit, and the LC31 coupler was built by the researcher from the information contained in the instruction manual.

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Ralph with the first prototype of the SSQ-2F system and the LC31 coupler

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