Spectrotek SSQ-2F Prototypes.

A look at some of our early hardware.
Ralph with our very first 3.1 MHz Plasma Tube system. This became the SSQ system First Prototype of the  SSQ-2F Prototype SSQ-2F v1.03NEW Prototype of the first PA1 Amplifier
Prototype PA1 v1.0  Amplifier with HS-2 Heat SinkNEW Prototype PA1 v1.10 Amplifier Undergoing TestingNEW DSC 4577NEW PA1 with vapour cooled heat sink and fanNEW
Close up view of the PA1 attached to the heat sink cooling plateNEW Prototype PA2  1.01 AmplifierNEW Prototype PA3 AmplifierNEW Prototype SPA4 v1.0 AmplifierNEW
Prototype SPA4 v2.0  AmplifierNEW Prototype SPA4 v3.0  AmplifierNEW Prototype SPA5 v1.0 FNEW